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About Our Cats

The cats at Purrmaid Cafe and Adoption Center range in age from about nine months to around five years. Often, visitors will ask why we do not have younger or older cats. Since cats must be spayed/neutered and fully vaccinated before joining us, we are unable to take in little kittens. And, since cats are considered seniors and have senior needs after the age of six, we rarely take in cats over the age of five.

Purrmaid Cafe and Adoption Center currently works with Let Them Be Little Feline Rescue, Hope for Paws, and volunteer trappers and community cat caretakers.

Let Them Be Little specializes in medical / special needs animals, half and fully feral kittens, cats, and pregnant mothers. They pull cats from high-kill shelters and provide foster homes for them until there is room at partner shelters. Many of Purrmaid’s teenage mothers come from LTBL.


Hope for Paws rescues hundreds of animals each year and travels outside the LA area to assist other rescue teams when necessary. The team finds appropriate partner shelters, such as Purrmaid, who are willing to accept the animals they rescue. Hope For Paws provides for all medical needs prior to transferring animals. 


Our volunteer trappers and community caregivers work with at risk colonies in their neighborhoods and surrounding areas. They pull “friendlies” from these colonies, neuter/spay them, vaccinate them, and microchip them— all on their own dime. They then will foster them until room opens up at a shelter willing to work to get these street cats adopted. Purrmaid has a soft spot for street cats and is proud to work with these unsung hero volunteers.  


While we occasionally accept a cat that has been well-vetted from other reputable nonprofit rescues and volunteer trappers, we rarely accept cats from the general public for health and safety reasons. 

Each Purrmaid cat is spayed/neutered, current on its vaccinations, and microchipped. Each cat has also been snap-tested for FeLV/FIV and has tested negative. Some cats may have had medical issues before coming to us (upper respiratory infections being the most common), and we make sure to provide potential adopters with any medical history we have on file. 


Although our goal is goodbye, Purrmaid cats stay at our facility as long as it takes to have the right person find them. And, should a Purrmaid cat ever fall on hard times, we will welcome it back with open arms. 

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Meet the Purrmaid Cats

Below are the cats currently residing at Purrmaid Cafe and Adoption Center.  Since adoptions sometimes happen faster than we can update, please understand that the cats pictured here may already be spoken for.  We recommend meeting the cats in person and getting to know them before choosing a forever friend.

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